Business Loans

Elevate your Gold Coast business with our  Working Capital finance solutions. Access the funds you need for today for seamless operations, with fast approvals and flexible terms.

Working Capital

At Lend It Finance Group, we are committed to finding Business Loans that will fuel our business growth and success. Whether you require a Business Loan to assist with cash flow whilst you are looking to expand your operations, an overdraft facility to cover unexpected expenses, or start-up funds to kickstart your venture, our dedicated team is here to assist you.

We understand that cash flow is vital for business growth, and we strive to find the perfect finance solution tailored to your unique business needs. 
Experience a straightforward application process, swift decision-making, and the possibility of funding within 24 hours. With the Business Loan lenders we have access to there is no upfront asset security required to access funding up to $500,000, allowing you to obtain the necessary funds with ease and peace of mind. 

Our streamlined application process also ensures minimal documentation requirements for loans under $500,000

Speak to one of out industry leading lending specialists today about a Business Loan and unlock your businesses growth potential today.
  • Term Loan - A Lump Sum Cashflow Injection Of Between $5K And $500K Up To 36 Month Terms Available

  • Business Overdraft - A Revolving Loan Facility With An Approved Credit Limits up to 500K

  • Line of Credit - Ongoing Access To Between $2K And $150K Over A Renewable 24-Month Term

  • Straightforward Application, Quick Decision And Funding Possible In 24 Hours

  • No Asset Security Required Upfront To Access Funding Up To $250K

  • Minimal Documentation Required Under $250k

3 Types Of Business Loans

1. Term Loan

A term loan can be a great type of business loan to utilise if you need a quick cash injection for your business. A term loan is a  business loan that requires regular installments which are inclusive of both principal and interest, over an agreed upon term. Terms normally range between 12 and 36 months depending on your businesses eligibility criteria.

2. Business Overdraft

An Overdraft Facility is a revolving line of credit that allows businesses to withdraw funds up to a pre approved limit, even if the account balance goes below zero. Interest is charged only on the amount used from your approved limit.

Key Benefits

Flexibility: Overdrafts provide flexibility for businesses to cover short-term cash flow gaps or unexpected expenses.
Cost-Effective: Interest is only charged on the amount used, making it a cost-effective solution for managing fluctuations in working capital.
Emergency Access: It serves as a financial safety net, allowing businesses to access funds when needed, without the need for a new loan application.
Line of Credit:

3. Line Of Credit

A Line of Credit is a flexible credit arrangement that provides businesses with access to funds up to a predetermined limit. Businesses can borrow and repay funds as needed, making it a revolving source of financing.

Key Benefits:

Flexibility and Convenience: Businesses have access to funds whenever necessary, offering flexibility to seize opportunities or address financial challenges.
Interest Savings: Interest is only charged on the amount borrowed, potentially resulting in lower overall interest costs compared to traditional loans.
Continuous Access: As long as repayments are made, the line of credit remains open, making it a reliable source of financing for ongoing business needs.

Speak with our lending specialists today to find the right Business Loan for you and your business needs