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Frequently asked questions

Agriculture Finance Explained

Everything you need to know about Agri Finance. No question is too big or too small. We're here to help you find the right solution for your needs.
What is agricultural finance?
Agricultural finance refers to financial services specifically tailored to meet the needs of farmers and agri businesses Australia to support farm operations, and equipment purchases
What should I look for in a farm finance broker?
Look for brokers with experience in the agricultural sector, a good understanding of different financing options for farmers and Agri businesses, and a network of lenders who can offer competitive rates and terms tailored to your specific farming needs
How does the application process work at Lend It Finance Group?
After filling out an enquiry form, one of our experienced agriculture finance brokers will contact you to discuss your specific loan requirments and needs to then get additional information, assess your application, identify potential lenders, and handle the entire application process for you
Do I have to provide financials to be able to apply for Agri finance?
We have access to 50+ lenders that can assist Agri businesses with both Full Doc and Low Doc Agri finance solutions depending on the lenders terms, conditions and lending criteria
How can I find the best agricultural finance broker?
To find the best agricultural finance broker, look for brokers with extensive experience in the agriculture sector, a strong network of lenders, and a proven track record of successfully securing finance for farms similar to yours. Lend It Finance Group have a decade of experience and are here to answer your every question.